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PureFlow® Filtersysteme GmbH



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Our skimmer filter ensures effective pre-filtration

What do I have to consider when buying the skimmer filter?

Measure the diameter at the bottom of the basket and choose the appropriate size. The filter supplied is a little larger because it has to be clamped into the basket.

How long can I use the skimmer filter?

You can wash the filter several times. Depending on the amount of dirt and cleaning, you can use the skimmer filter for several weeks.

How can I clean the skimmer filter?

You simply clean the filter under running water and then reinsert it. This means you can also significantly reduce the cleaning intervals for your filter tank.

Where should I definitely use the skimmer filter?

If the pool is near trees and bushes, the water will be polluted by leaves, needles and insects. Here you should ensure initial cleaning with the skimmer filter. This means you can catch up to 99% of all insects and dirt particles. This means that biological substances do not even get into the filter tank and do not put a strain on the filter there.

Does PureFlow harm the environment?

PureFlow filters consist of a single material group (single-material component) and can be 100% recycled. They are free of CFCs, PCBs and other toxic substances. PureFlow's continuous fibers reduce the risk of germs in the filter tank. Due to their surface properties, they do not absorb any chemicals .

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