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PureFlow® Filtersysteme GmbH



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280g + 100g activated carbon replaces 35kg of sand glass filter material

  • Guaranteed crystal clear, clean water
  • Savings of up to 75% of operating costs
  • Reduces chemicals for healthier bathing
  • Reduces damage to filter tank, piping and pump
  • Easy installation of the filter material in just a few minutes

Pool filter 3D Professional for optimal water quality

Discover the impressive advantages of our pool filter 3D Professional filter material with activated carbon and experience an even higher quality of pool filtration.

Antibacterial protection

Activated carbon is known for its antibacterial properties. The filter material with activated carbon protects your pool from harmful bacteria and microorganisms that can accumulate in the water. This reduces the risk of infection and illness and allows you to swim in your pool with peace of mind and safety.

Removal of contaminants

The activated carbon in the filter material has a high adsorption capacity, meaning it effectively removes pollutants and impurities from the pool water. It binds organic compounds, chemicals, oils, fats and other contaminants that can cloud the water and make it unhealthy.

Reduction of odors

Activated charcoal is also known to absorb unpleasant odors. The PureFlow filter material with activated carbon effectively eliminates unwanted odors in the pool water caused, for example, by chlorine or organic substances. So you can enjoy a refreshing and pleasant scent in your pool environment.

Longer filter life

The filter material with activated carbon has a longer lifespan compared to conventional filter media. It maintains its effectiveness for a longer period of time. This saves you time, effort and costs for pool operation.
Healthy and crystal clear water: The combination of activated carbon and PureFlow's advanced filter technology gives you the highest level of water clarity and purity. The filter material effectively removes particles, sediment and contaminants, leaving your pool water crystal clear, healthy and inviting.

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