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PureFlow® Filtersysteme GmbH

PureFlow iron-rust-microplastic filter

PureFlow iron-rust-microplastic filter

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Microplastic filter for iron and rust. Addition for half-shell filter kettles, ideal for well water, pools, frame pools and natural swimming ponds

The oxidation of the iron in well water in the air results in an unsightly, rusty brown color. We counteract exactly this problem with our nanofilters for iron, manganese, rust and microplastics in order to avoid contamination in the pre-filter. In addition, three additional filter stages help ensure that the water in the fountain always remains clean.

Our nanofilters for your fountain are available in different sizes. You can easily decide on the right volume for yourself and choose a content between 30 and 150 liters. Thanks to the division of the nanofilters into four filter areas including a pre-filter, unpleasant odors and biofouling will permanently be a thing of the past.

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