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FLOOR substructure protective felt – pool underlay (400g/m²)

FLOOR substructure protective felt – pool underlay (400g/m²)

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High quality pool underlay - Ultimate protection for your pool cover

Our pool underlay offers you the ultimate protection for your pool cover and ensures a long service life.

Installation recommendation:

Lay out on a leveled floor without folds, cut to size if necessary. Do not overlap the cuts and secure them with adhesive tape

Only PureFlow pool underlays offer the following advantages:

Protection against damage caused by stones and earth:

Our pool underlay has been specially developed to protect your pool cover from damage caused by sharp stones, roots or clods of earth. It forms a reliable barrier and protects your pool cover from holes or tears.

Excellent support surface:

The pool pad ensures an even and stable support surface for your pool. This ensures the highest level of stability so that you can enjoy your bathing fun without any worries.

Very good insulation:

Our pool pad has excellent insulation that helps maintain the water temperature in your pool. It minimizes heat loss to the surrounding ground and thus enables you to save a lot of energy.

Strong resilience and chemical resistance:

The pool pad is extremely resilient and can easily withstand heavy loads. Our pool underlay maintains its shape and reliably protects the pool cover. It is also chemically resistant to the chemicals used in pools. It remains unaffected by chlorine, pH adjustments and other pool care products.

Low thermal conductivity:

Thanks to its low thermal conductivity, the pool underlay minimizes heat loss to the ground. This means the water in your pool stays warmer for longer and you can use your pool even more intensively.

Elasticity, durability and UV stability:

The pool underlay is characterized by its elasticity, which ensures high resistance to pressure and loads. It retains its shape even during intensive use. It is also UV-stabilized, which protects it from the harmful effects of sunlight.

Excellent and long-lasting quality:

Our pool mat is made from high-quality, recycled materials and offers outstanding quality. It is robust and durable, so you will enjoy your pool for many years to come.

Flexibility and easy installation:

The pool underlay is extremely flexible and can be easily cut and laid. It can be easily adjusted to the shape and size of your pool and allows for easy and hassle-free installation.

Protection against mold infestation:

Our pool underlay offers effective protection against mold infestation. Thanks to its breathable properties, it prevents the formation of moisture and thus the growth of mold under the pool shell.

Protected against rotting, fungal and insect infestation:

The pool underlay is resistant to rot, fungus and insect infestation. This keeps your pool cover protected and ensures its longevity.

Tested for building materials and flame-retardant:

Our pool underlay is tested for building materials and meets the highest safety standards. It is also flame retardant

Pleasant running feeling:

Our pool mat offers a pleasant walking feeling when entering the pool. Thanks to its elastic properties, it cushions the impact and creates a comfortable surface. This makes the pool area an oasis of well-being for all bathers.

In conclusion, our pool underlay is the ideal protection for your pool cover. With its numerous advantages such as protection against damage, excellent contact surface, very good insulation, high resilience, long-lasting quality and flexibility, it meets all requirements. It also offers protection against mold infestation, rotting, fungal and insect infestation as well as chemical influences. Trust in our pool underlay and enjoy a safe and long-lasting pool!

Technical info

  • 400g/m²
  • environmentally friendly because it is made from recycled fibers
  • protected against fungal attack
  • protected against rot
  • protected against insect infestation
  • building material tested
  • highly insulating
  • high resilience
  • extremely resilient

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