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FLOOR substructure protective felt – pool underlay (200g/m²)

FLOOR substructure protective felt – pool underlay (200g/m²)

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Pool underlay - maximum protection for pools, ponds and gardening

Our pool underlay is the ideal solution for optimal protection in swimming pool construction, pond construction, gardening and many other applications. With its outstanding quality and functionality, it offers effective protection against damage to plastic covers and thereby extends the useful life of your valuable pool equipment. With our pool underlay you can delay the premature curing of films and sustainably protect your pool outer shell. Our pool pad has a width of 2.00 meters and is sold by the meter. You can simply specify your desired length and order.

All the advantages of our pool pad at a glance:

    • Effectively protects against damage to the pool outer shell
    • Made from 100% recycled material
    • This extends the service life
    • Delays the premature curing of films
    • Protects against premature loss of plasticizers in films
    • Prevents chemical reactions between the substrate and the pool outer shell
    • Insulates and reduces heat loss to the ground
    • Thermally highly solidified special quality, without spray solidification. Transparent, hydrolysis-resistant, chemically resistant, high strength
    • Very resilient fiber fixation, maximum stability and very high resilience
    • Free from formaldehyde, PCP, CFCs
    • Flame retardant
    • Building material tested
    • Protected against rotting, fungal and insect infestation
    • Resistant to many chemical substances
    • UV-stable and breathable
    • Protected against mold infestation
    • Resistant to mineral acids and alkalis as well as electrolytes

Installation recommendation:

Lay out on a leveled floor without folds, cut to size if necessary. Do not overlap the cuts and secure them with adhesive tape.

Versatile applications for the highest demands

Our PureFlow floor protection is not just any protective fleece, but a product with a wide range of applications. With its durable nature, it can be used in various areas of pool, pond and garden construction. Whether as a base for your pool, as protection for your garden pond or as reliable floor protection in the garden - our pool underlay meets the highest demands and offers you a carefree pool season.

Effective protection for your pool equipment with our pool underlay

A high-quality pool underlay is essential to protect your pool equipment in the long term. Our specially developed pool underlay offers reliable protection against sharp objects, stones and roots that could damage the pool liner. Thanks to its robust nature, it prevents unwanted elements from entering the pool area and protects your pool liner from unwanted damage.

Extended lifespan of your pool liner thanks to the PureFlow pool underlay

Using our pool underlay has a decisive advantage: it helps to extend the life of your pool liner. Thanks to its effective protection, the pool liner is protected from mechanical stress and its service life is significantly extended. This means long-term cost savings for you, as you have to purchase a new pool liner less often. With our pool underlay you are investing in the long-term protection of your pool equipment.

Optimal pressure distribution and safety

Our pool underlay not only ensures protection, but also ensures optimal pressure distribution. Thanks to its special structure and properties, it prevents pressure points and uneven loads on the pool liner. This is particularly important to ensure even weight distribution and avoid potential damage to the pool shell. With our pool underlay you ensure maximum safety and longevity of your pool.

High quality and easy installation

Our pool mat not only impresses with its functional properties, but also with its high-quality workmanship. It is made of durable material that retains its shape and stability even under extreme stress. This means you can rely on long-term and reliable use.
Installing our pool pad is incredibly easy. It can be easily placed on almost any surface and adapts optimally to the conditions of your pool. Simply roll out the pool underlay, cut it to size and place it under the pool liner - your pool is effectively protected. Thanks to their light weight and flexible handling, installation is child's play and can be done by yourself.

Sustainability and environmental friendliness

We attach great importance to sustainability and environmental friendliness. Our pool mat is made from recyclable materials that are free of harmful substances. In this way, we not only contribute to protecting your pool equipment, but also to preserving our environment. So you can not only rely on effective protection, but also have a clear conscience.

Pool pad - The perfect addition to your pool

With our pool underlay you are choosing maximum protection, optimal pressure distribution and an extended service life of your pool liner. Thanks to its versatile application options, it is the perfect addition to any pool, pond or garden. Trust in the quality and functionality of our pool mat and enjoy carefree hours in your pool.
Discover the advantages of our pool underlay today and invest in the long-term protection of your pool equipment. Contact us or visit our website for more information and to order your pool pad. With PureFlow® filter systems you not only receive outstanding quality, but also first-class support and advice about our products.

Protect your pool with PureFlow® pool underlay and enjoy peace of mind and longevity of your pool equipment!

Do you need a stronger 400g/m² solution? Then take a look at our 5mm version .

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