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PureFlow® Filtersysteme GmbH

Lay-Z-Spa filter cartridge VI, pack of 2, compatible with Lay-Z-Spa, Miami, Palm Springs, Vegas

Lay-Z-Spa filter cartridge VI, pack of 2, compatible with Lay-Z-Spa, Miami, Palm Springs, Vegas

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Lay-Z-Spa filter for spa

Experience the ultimate cleaning performance with our Lay-Z-Spa filter and increase the well-being in your spa to a new level. This innovative filter has been specifically designed to provide you with the highest level of filter quality and efficiency. Dive into crystal clear water and relax in your spa without worries, because the PureFlow filter meets the highest demands.

Excellent filter result:

The Lay-Z-Spa Filter provides outstanding filtration that removes even the smallest particles of dirt from your spa water. Enjoy crystal clear water that is free of sediment and impurities.

Long filter life:

Our filter is durable and can withstand intensive use. You'll be pleased with how long you can use it before requiring replacement.

Washable multiple times:

The filter is reusable and can be easily cleaned under running water. This not only saves money, but also reduces waste and protects the environment.

Simple disinfection with boiling water:

Disinfecting the Lay-Z-Spa filter is very easy and helps ensure that your water always remains hygienically clean. To disinfect and eliminate fungi, germs and bacteria, simply pour boiling water over it. Your health and well-being are our top priority.

Optimal flow:

Thanks to its clever design, the PureFlow filter ensures optimal water flow. This means your spa will always function efficiently and you can enjoy the best possible relaxation.

High pump efficiency:

The LAY-Z Spa Filter works perfectly with your spa pump to ensure maximum efficiency. This means less energy consumption and lower operating costs for you.

Environmentally friendly and very sustainable:

We are proud to offer a filter that not only purifies your water but also protects the environment. Our sustainable filter option helps conserve resources and reduce waste.

Easy to dispose of:

When the filter finally reaches the end of its life, you can easily dispose of it. Our eco-friendly materials are biodegradable and help reduce environmental impact. Discover the future of spa filtration with the PureFlow Lay-Z-Spa Filter. Enjoy crystal clear water, easy maintenance and peace of mind knowing you're protecting the environment at the same time. Get your PureFlow filter today and be amazed by its superior performance. Your spa deserves nothing less than the best!

Technical data:

  • High-tech PE filter made from technical fibers
  • Highly dense and thermally solidified
  • Diameter 12cm
  • Center hole Ø 5 cm
  • Height 7cm
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