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KOMBI vapor and grease filter including activated carbon filter for extractor hoods

KOMBI vapor and grease filter including activated carbon filter for extractor hoods

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COMBI vapor and fat filter + activated carbon: Enjoy clean air while cooking

Welcome to PureFlow, your expert for high-quality filter systems of all kinds and immerse yourself in our extractor hood filters. We are proud to introduce you to our innovative products that will make your kitchen a healthier and odor-free place. Discover the benefits of our customizable filter and avoid additional costs by selecting the wrong filter. Read on to learn how our range hood filters can transform your kitchen into a fresh and clean environment.

The advantages of PureFlow filters for extractor hoods

Efficient purification of the room air and protection against grease deposits

Our extractor hood filters are equipped with high-tech microfibers that ensure exceptionally efficient cleaning of the room air. These microfibers capture even the smallest particles down to 1 micron and protect your walls and furniture from unsightly grease deposits. Enjoy a kitchen that always smells fresh and clean - even after dinner with friends or a demanding Christmas dinner with the entire family.

Certifications and Applicability

We focus on quality and safety. That's why we can proudly claim that our products are certified according to ÖKO-TEX 100 and REACH, which meets the highest standards. These certificates confirm that our filters for extractor hoods are also suitable for use in commercial kitchens and industrial filter systems. PureFlow filters are the right choice for your needs.

Health aspects

Your health and that of your family is our top priority. Our filters are free of harmful toxins such as PCBs, CFCs, silver ions, formaldehyde and many others. They are therefore ideal for allergy sufferers and anyone who values ​​a clean and healthy air environment.

Hygiene and safety

Our filters are not only effective, but also safe. They are flame-retardant and self-extinguishing, ensuring the highest level of safety in your kitchen. The high separation efficiency of over 93% removes harmful particles and keeps your air clean and free of contaminants.


PureFlow filters are not only good for your health, but also environmentally friendly. In addition, all of our products are washable and reusable. If you have spent your lifetime at some point, you can easily dispose of our filters with household waste. Actively contribute to conserving resources and set an example for protecting our environment.

Dimensions and application

Our filters for extractor hoods have dimensions of 570x470x25 mm and fit perfectly with all recirculating extractor hoods up to 60 cm wide. They ensure a very high air flow and reliably filter grease, unpleasant odors and vapor from the room air. The PureFlow combination filter is easy, quick and effortless to install. It can be cut to size at any time and inserted individually or alternately.

Easy to install and use our extractor hood filters

Installing your combination filter is incredibly easy. It fits into all standard extractor hoods with a width of up to 600 mm and can be easily installed yourself. Customization to your individual needs is also possible, giving you full control over your air quality. Enjoy the fresh air in your kitchen!

Why PureFlow is always the right choice:

Our filters for extractor hoods are the ideal solution to supply your kitchen with clean, fresh air and to capture and neutralize unpleasant odors directly. With our products you benefit from efficient air purification to the highest standards and at the same time benefit from the many additional advantages that you can only find in combination with us.

Do you have special dimensions or are your company interested in additional advice? Then contact us today to discuss your individual requirements. Order PureFlow Filters for a healthier and more pleasant kitchen environment. Invest in your health and that of your family – choose PureFlow extractor hood filter!

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