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Flocculant pool cartridges - CRISTAL - flocculant cartridges

Flocculant pool cartridges - CRISTAL - flocculant cartridges

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Clear water in no time - flocculants for pools

A pool requires regular care and even though with PureFlow filter material you need a lot less chemicals and have less cleaning effort,... you can't do without it. Here in our shop you will find a small but effective selection of pool care products and pool accessories. If you have any questions, we are happy to be at your disposal and advise you personally. Please note the respective safety instructions and application recommendations for all chemical products.

Experience crystal clear water in your pool - with the flocculant pool cartridges from CRISTAL. Our flocculant cartridges ensure effective turbidity removal from sand filters and filter glass and make your water shine again. Enjoy the feeling of clean and clear water - at any time and without compromise.

The “Pool Cartridges from CRISTAL” flocculant is the ideal solution for anyone who always wants to keep their pool in perfect condition. The flocculant cartridges have been specially developed to eliminate cloudiness in the water and ensure crystal clear water. No matter whether you have a small or large pool, CRISTAL flocculant is suitable for all pool sizes.

CRISTAL flocculant cartridges: Effortless cloudiness removal and crystal clear pool water

The application is very simple: simply place the flocculant cartridge in the skimmer and start the sand filter operation. The flocculant is then automatically released into the water and ensures quick and effective cloudiness removal. After a short time you can enjoy crystal clear water again - without any laborious manual rework.

The flocculant cartridges from CRISTAL are not only particularly effective, but also very durable. One cartridge is enough for several applications and is therefore very cost-effective. The environment is also protected because no additional chemicals are required.

Trust in the quality and experience of CRISTAL and experience crystal clear water in your pool – at any time and without compromise. Order the flocculant pool cartridges from CRISTAL now.

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