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Grease and kitchen extractor filters - grease filters for extractor hoods

Grease and kitchen extractor filters - grease filters for extractor hoods

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High-quality grease filter for extractor hoods

Welcome to PureFlow, your specialist for high-quality filter systems and grease filters for extractor hoods. Here we will inform you about the properties of our innovative grease filter and how you can keep your kitchen clean and free of unpleasant odors. We will explain to you why our grease filters are the perfect choice for your extractor hood and what benefits you can expect from our products.

Advantages of the PureFlow grease filter for extractor hoods

Efficient grease separation and odor control

Our cooker hood grease filters are manufactured with advanced technology to efficiently separate grease and combat unwanted odors. This keeps your kitchen fresh and clean.

Certifications and Applicability

We value the highest quality and safety. Our grease filters are certified according to the strict ÖKO-TEX 100 and REACH standards. This makes them suitable not only for home use, but also for use in commercial kitchens and industrial environments.

Health aspects

Health is important to us. Our grease filters are free of harmful substances such as PCBs, CFCs, silver ions, formaldehyde and other potentially dangerous substances. This means they are safe for your family and your kitchen.

Hygiene and safety

Our grease filters not only offer excellent performance, but also safety. They are flame retardant and ensure a safe kitchen environment. With a high separation rate, they ensure that grease and other particles are reliably removed.


We focus on sustainability. Our grease filters can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner with household waste, which helps protect our environment.

Dimensions and application

Our grease filters measure 570x470x25 mm and fit perfectly with most extractor hoods. They ensure a high air flow and effectively remove grease and odors from the air. Installation is straightforward and can be customized if necessary.

Easy to install and use

Installing our grease filters is child's play. They are compatible with most extractor hoods and are easy to install yourself. Customization to your individual needs is also possible, giving you full control over the air quality in your kitchen.

Why is PureFlow the right choice?

Because the PureFlow extractor hood grease filter is the optimal choice for anyone who values ​​a clean and healthy kitchen environment. It impresses with its individual cut, high-tech microfibers, sustainability, as well as its safety and health standards.

Choose PureFlow and experience the difference a quality cooker hood grease filter can make in your kitchen. Discover our other variants for your cooking experience at home!

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