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EcoSpa Filter: The washable, adaptable and universal whirlpool filter

EcoSpa Filter: The washable, adaptable and universal whirlpool filter

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EcoSpa Filter: The Ultimate Hot Tub Filter Experience for Clarity and Purity

PureFlow is proud to introduce the revolutionary EcoSpa hot tub filter - a groundbreaking innovation that takes your hot tub cleaning experience to a new level. With its universal design, easy care and washability, the PureFlow EcoSpa filter sets new standards for clarity, purity and ease of use.

The EcoSpa filter is simple and fits any hot tub. Thanks to its flexible shape, you can easily insert it into your existing filter housing - it always fits perfectly! Never again will you have to worry about compatibility or the hassle of searching for the right filter. The EcoSpa filter is suitable for all closed whirlpool filter housings with a diameter of 13 to 22 cm and a height/length of 20 to 60 cm, and therefore fits almost all standard whirlpools.

One of the outstanding features of the EcoSpa filter is its effortless cleaning and disinfection. Imagine how easy it could be to clean your hot tub without spending hours searching for instructions or using expensive cleaning products. With the filter, cleaning your whirlpool becomes child's play. The filter can be easily rinsed with water or cleaned in your washing machine. Disinfection is also child's play and you don't need chlorine or the laborious hours of soaking in a chlorine bath. Since bacteria and germs are killed at temperatures as low as 60°, you only need to place the filter in boiling water for a minute. This means it is immediately ready for use again. No more expensive filter changes, no more stress about cleaning - the EcoSpa filter saves you time and money.

The high efficiency of the EcoSpa filter is another reason why it is the perfect choice for your hot tub. The filter's high-density polymer fibers provide the largest possible filter surface and enable a significantly higher water flow compared to conventional filters. This achieves a more thorough cleaning in less time. Your whirlpool water will not only be crystal clear, but also cleaned energy-efficiently. Thanks to the PureFlow EcoSpa filter, you can enjoy an unparalleled spa experience without having to worry about cloudy or dirty water.

The quality is second to none. Made from high quality materials and with strict quality controls, this filter ensures long life and reliable performance. It is designed to withstand even the most demanding environments while always remaining effective and efficient. With the EcoSpa filter you get a product you can rely on.

We care deeply about environmental friendliness, and the EcoSpa filter is no exception. Because it is washable and reusable, it significantly reduces waste compared to traditional disposable filters. You actively contribute to environmental protection while you enjoy your spa experience.

Installation couldn't be easier. In the future you will not depend on the manufacturer or the type . All you need to do is remove your old filter and insert the EcoSpa filter into the filter housing. No professional or complicated instructions are required. Within minutes you can have your hot tub back up and running and enjoying the clear and clean water that the PureFlow EcoSpa filter offers you.

Treat your whirlpool to the best! With the EcoSpa filter from EcoSpa, you will experience simple and efficient cleaning that keeps your water clear and fresh. No more hassle searching for the right filter, no stress about cleaning - the EcoSpa filter makes all of this unnecessary. Rely on the innovation of filter technology and enjoy an incomparable spa experience. Choose EcoSpa and experience the future of whirlpool cleaning. PureFlow was the winner of the INNOVATION category of the Bavarian Family Businesses 2017.

Technical info

High density, high dirt holding capacity, protected against fungal infestation, protected against rotting, protected against insect infestation, high resilience, extremely resilient, resistant to pool chemicals


Simply place the flexible filter into your filter housing with the loop facing upwards.

To clean, simply remove it from the housing and rinse with water

No chlorine/chlorine bath is required for disinfection. Simply place in boiling water for a minute.


This product is also available as an EcoSpaPlus set including 2 pieces. washable filter panels for coarse and fine dirt. This extends the life of your EcoSpa filters.

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