Advantages in detail

Welcome to PureFlow - the pool filter that will revolutionize your expectations!

With our innovative PureFlow 3D pool filter, cleaning your pool becomes child's play. Our advanced fiber technology enables incredible water quality like you've never experienced before. Regardless of whether it is a pool, whirlpool, frame pool or standup pool, PureFlow is the perfect solution for the best pool filtration. We explain here why we define PureFlow filtration as simply ingenious filters .

Why is PureFlow filter material the best choice for pool filters?

Our PureFlow technology guarantees outstanding filter performance, which effectively filters out particles down to less than 1 µm thanks to our innovative 3D layer technology. The result? An unsurpassed clean and crystal clear pool water.

Compared to conventional sand or glass filter materials, PureFlow impresses with its high density. This reliably and efficiently removes the finest dirt and suspended matter.  To make this clear: While conventional filters only remove dirt particles of 30 microns by a maximum of 51-54%, PureFlow achieves an impressive filter performance of 99.9% and even cleans dirt particles under 1 micron. Further information about PureFlow's impressive filter performance can be found in our TSS graphic in the download area.

PureFlow. The others are dirty and heavy.

With PureFlow pool filters you can breathe a sigh of relief, because light 250g filter material replaces heavy 25kg sand or glass. So you only need 1% of the weight of your standard filter. This enormous weight saving is not only a great advantage, but also a decisive factor for easy maintenance and care. Thanks to the low weight of our PureFlow filters, not only is the load removed from your pool filter, but you also benefit from easier transport and effortless handling. No more tedious lugging of heavy bags - with PureFlow, pool maintenance becomes child's play.

The greater flexibility offered by our lightweight filters allows you to maintain your pool more easily and maintain it optimally. From installation to maintenance, PureFlow's reduced weight makes the entire process easier, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your pool and less time on tedious work.

Revolutionary pool filter technology with 10 times higher flow for
efficient cleaning and water saving

PureFlow redefines efficiency by enabling exceptionally high flow without any loss of performance. Our innovative filter segments offer virtually no resistance and therefore allow maximum flow. Because more water can flow through the filter material in less time, filtration speed increases and maintenance time is minimized.

Compared to traditional sand or glass filters, PureFlow achieves an impressive 10 times higher flow rate. This higher flow not only means faster filtration, but also more efficient circulation of pool water. In addition, this leads to a significant reduction in backwash time, meaning dirt is removed more quickly and thoroughly and less water is used.

However, the benefits of PureFlow don't end there. Our technology enables up to 77% water savings and significantly reduces the load on the pump. This not only results in a longer pump life, but also lower operating costs.

The strong flow prevents dead water spots (area areas of the pool with standing water), which, above all, reduces the formation of algae and other organic contaminants. The greater amount of pool water that is effectively filtered results in improved water quality and clarity.

In summary, PureFlow offers an efficient solution for a clean and clear pool environment. With lower resistance in the filtration system, PureFlow allows for more efficient water circulation and reduces energy consumption, while ensuring outstanding filtration performance and ease of use. Discover the future of pool filtration with PureFlow.

PureFlow is simply brilliant filtering.

PureFlow also sets new standards in installation comfort and user-friendliness. Thanks to its light weight, installation is a breeze and saves time and effort. Changing a filter with PureFlow takes just 20 minutes - effortless, quick and clean. Replacing sand or glass, on the other hand, is laborious, time-consuming and a messy affair.

No more tedious lugging around of bulky bags for filling and difficult disposal of chemical-contaminated sand. With PureFlow this is a thing of the past because PureFlow does not store any chemicals. No more time-consuming, dirty filling or emptying, and long backwash times with high water consumption are also a thing of the past.

With PureFlow, filtering is simply awesome. Since PureFlow does not store any chemicals and is 100% recyclable, our filter material can simply be disposed of with household waste. This means additional relief for you and an environmentally friendly solution for disposing of your filter.

Experience the ease and efficiency of PureFlow and enjoy a pool that is always clean and crystal clear without the stress and hassle of traditional filters. Discover the future of pool filtration with PureFlow - simple, fast and ingenious.

Clear water can also be achieved with little chemicals.

PureFlow revolutionizes pool care by minimizing the need for chemicals through its efficient filtration, contributing to a healthier swimming experience.

Our advanced high-tech fibers enable extremely efficient filtration of impurities and dirt particles in the water. Compared to traditional filter media such as sand or glass, PureFlow offers excellent cleaning efficiency. It prevents the formation and growth of microorganisms and removes organic and inorganic dirt particles extremely effectively.

These properties significantly reduce the need for disinfectants such as chlorine. PureFlow's advanced filtration technology significantly improves water quality while minimizing the use of disinfectants. The saving of chlorine can be reduced by up to 50%.

In contrast to sand and glass filters, where flocculants have to be added continuously, with PureFlow filters this is only necessary in situational cases. This improved efficiency also reduces the need for flocculants by up to an incredible 95%. The low amount of chemicals results in a healthier bathing experience, better water quality and reduced environmental toxins.

Discover the future of pool care with PureFlow and experience a crystal clear, healthy swimming experience without the burden of excessive chemicals.

This saves you up to 75% on pool maintenance costs

PureFlow significantly reduces maintenance and repair costs by eliminating blockages and damage caused by sand or glass particles. In addition, less pressure is exerted on the entire pool system. This reduces wear and tear on pumps, pipes and other components, which in turn reduces the frequency of repairs and the need for replacement parts. The lower load on the pool system leads to a longer service life of the individual components. This means you are less likely to have to buy expensive replacement parts or make major repairs.

PureFlow protects the entire pool system and reduces the costs of repairs, maintenance and servicing by up to 75%. Unlike rough, abrasive sand, PureFlow does not cause abrasion on boiler walls, filter nozzles, pipes, seals, stopcocks, couplings, pumps and gears. This significantly extends the service life of the system components, which leads to a significant reduction in repair costs. In addition, PureFlow does not result in silting of the pool floor, which also reduces maintenance costs.

Better filtration = healthier water quality = more safety for you and your family

PureFlow exceeds the strict requirements for microbiology and pool water quality. Less chemical exposure also means fewer health risks and a safer bathing experience.

A well-maintained pool facility with clean water filtered by PureFlow creates a healthier swimming environment for you and your family. Fewer chemicals in pool water means less exposure to potentially harmful substances to your skin and your health. So you can safely swim in your pool without worrying about irritation or other health problems. Reducing chemicals in water helps maintain more balanced water chemistry. This results in a clearer, fresher and more enjoyable bathing experience for you and your family.

Choose PureFlow and not only enjoy clean and crystal clear water, but also the peace of mind that your pool environment is optimally designed for the health and well-being of your family. Make swimming in your own pool a carefree and enjoyable experience with PureFlow.

Up to 40% less energy with unsurpassed filter performance

PureFlow not only offers outstanding filtration performance, but also reduces your energy requirements.  Due to the high flow and low resistance, PureFlow enables extremely efficient water filtration. Fast filtration and improved backwashing mean that less energy is required to operate the filter system. Shorter cleaning cycles also result in lower energy consumption during the cleaning process and minimizing power losses further helps improve overall energy efficiency. This unique combination of factors can ultimately result in savings of up to 40% in energy costs.

Choose PureFlow and benefit not only from clean and crystal clear water, but also from significant savings on energy costs. With PureFlow you can achieve efficient pool filtration while maximizing your energy efficiency. Invest in the future of your pool with PureFlow.

Guaranteed!  High savings + maximum sustainability.

Thanks to PureFlow, you can not only enjoy a crystal clear pool experience, but also make significant savings that are easier on both your wallet and the environment.

With PureFlow you can save up to 40% on energy. Efficient filtration significantly reduces the energy requirements of your pool system, which has a direct impact on operating costs and at the same time contributes to sustainability.

PureFlow's highly efficient filtration performance allows you to save up to 77% on water. Using less water for the cleaning process not only means cost savings, but also a reduction in environmental impact.

PureFlow also enables effective removal of dirt particles from the pool water, reducing the need for flocculants by up to 95%. These savings not only help reduce operating costs, but also promote a healthier bathing experience.

Through the optimized filtration and purification of the pool water with PureFlow, the chlorine requirement can also be reduced by up to 50%. PureFlow does not allow microorganisms such as germs and bacteria to multiply and is protected against fungal attack. Thanks to these excellent properties, PureFlow reduces biofouling and microbiological contamination. Sand and glass, on the other hand, promote biofouling due to their rough surface, which leads to a high need for disinfectants.

Choose PureFlow and benefit from clean, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly pool care. Invest in the future of your pool and enjoy a refreshing and worry-free swimming experience with PureFlow.

How to protect the environment

PureFlow offers a variety of compelling benefits that not only increase the efficiency of your pool system, but also help reduce your environmental impact.

  1. Less energy consumption: Thanks to its high flow, low resistance and fast filtration, PureFlow requires less energy to operate compared to conventional filter systems. This leads to a significant reduction in energy consumption and thus a reduction in CO2 emissions, which in turn reduces the ecological footprint.

  1. Reduced use of chemicals: PureFlow's efficient filtration requires fewer disinfectants, fewer flocculants and fewer other chemicals.  This results in a lower release of chemicals into the water system, improving water quality and reducing environmental impact.

  1. Less repairs and maintenance: Using PureFlow prevents abrasion on system components such as boiler walls, pipes and pumps. This reduces repair and maintenance costs and requires fewer resources to produce new parts, ultimately reducing environmental impact.

  1. Water saving: Through its efficient filtration and backwashing, PureFlow reduces water consumption. This is particularly important in water-stressed regions, where any amount saved contributes to the conservation of natural resources.

  1. Easy disposal and high sustainability: PureFlow is 100% recyclable and can be disposed of with household waste. PureFlow's fibers are free of CFCs, PCBs, formaldehyde and other harmful chemical components and do not release any substances into the water.

By reducing the use of chemicals, you actively contribute to protecting the environment and make a significant contribution to the sustainable use of resources. PureFlow exceeds the requirements of the KTW (Ordinance for Drinking Water) and KSW (Ordinance for Bathing Pool Water) and does not allow any microbiological growth.

Experience the future of filtration with PureFlow - your partner for crystal clear water and unadulterated bathing fun. Make your life easier, treat yourself to the luxury of a clean pool with minimal effort and experience how easy and effective pool maintenance can be! PureFlow. simply brilliant filtering.